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Windows 10 Hidden Features and Tricks

windows-10-hidden tricks

Microsoft’s Windows OS isn’t any one thing. It is a bundle of features. Every individual element is, the consequence of a group of committed engineers who make the best (regularly personalizable) experience possible. There are little traps and UI flourishes that a great many people don’t think about.

Here we show 10 cool tips that will enable you to get a little bit more out of your Windows 10 experience. Or, on the other hand, at any rate, there are a few things you may have not thought about. Some have been accessible in Windows for various eras, while some are local to Microsoft’s latest OS.


1. Rotate Your Screen via Keyboard Ctrl-Alt-D Arrows

This tip won’t be helpful to you, yet you can turn your screen by all the while typing Ctrl + Alt + D and any of the arrow key. The down arrow will flip it upside down, the left or right arrow key catches will turn it 90 degrees on its side, and the up arrow key will take you back to standard introduction. In the event that you utilize numerous presentations, this component enables you to arrange only that show especially.

On the other hand, you can right-tap on the desktop background > Graphics Options > Rotation to turn your page around in a wide range of ways. This element is accessible on Windows 7 and 10.


2. Enable Slide to Shutdown Option

This feature works at Windows 10 only. It’s entangled and presumably not worth the exertion for what you receive in return, yet here you go:

Right-click on the desktop > New > Shortcut. In the resulting window, put the accompanying line of code:


windows-10-hidden tricks

This makes an interactive symbol on your desktop, which you can don’t hesitate to rename to whatever you’d like. To close down through slide-down, double tap on the new symbol to incite a draw down shade. At that point utilize your mouse to drag it down to the base of the screen. Remember, this isn’t sleep, this is a shutdown.


3. Enable ‘God Mode’

Is it true that you are a power user who needs access to your PC’s quick? At that point “God mode” is for you. Here’s the way to get to it:

Right-click on the desktop > New > Folder. Re-name the new folder with this bit of code:


To enter the “God Mode” window, double tap the folder and go crazy.


4. Shake window

This element really appeared in Windows 7, however I’ve discovered many people don’t think about it or utilize it (yet they should—it’s cool!). On the off chance that you have a show full or windows, you can clear the messiness by snatching the highest point of the window you do like and “shaking” it to limit the various windows. All of a sudden having shaker’s regret? Shake again and the windows will return.


5. Convert Your Command Prompt Window Black to Transparent

It shows up this component is new to Windows 10 (in any event, it’s not accessible in Windows 7). It will presumably just be valuable to a thin specialty of client, however in the event that you get a kick out of the chance to dive your virtual fingers into the innards of Windows by means of the Command Prompt, Windows 10 gives a spooky approach to interface with it.

To get to the Command Prompt interface in Win 10, tap on the Windows menu and type “Command Prompt” to raise snappy access to the Command Prompt desktop application. Tap that. To customize the Command Prompt right-click at the highest point of the window to provoke a pop up menu and pick “Properties.” Click over to the “Hues” tab to see a scope of personalization options. At the base of this tab, you’ll discover the “Opacity” controler, which enables you to see through the Command Prompt window.

This component gives you a chance to code away in the Command Prompt while all the while watching the desktop. On the off chance that you are Windows-hack-y like that, go crazy.

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