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Life Insurance Companies, Types, Policies and their Plans


Life Insurance Companies, Types, Policies and there Plans

Life insurance is an agreement between the insurance agency and the people who is guaranteed. The agreement expresses that the organization needs to pay a single amount add up to the chosen one which is chosen by the protected individual when any sort of setback happens with the person who is insured. The strategy is a security for the family or the friends and family who are reliant on you for money related needs after you are no more. The insurance needs to pay a little sum for the predetermined measure of time and after that the organization pays a single amount add up to the group of the protected individual if the disaster happens.

Types of insurance policies

Term Insurance

Term Insurance is the most affordable form of Life Insurance Plan. It provides you high risk cover by paying out lesser premium.

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Whole Life insurance

This plan covers you for Life and thus you pay the regular premium until you die. Your nominee gets the full sum assured at the event of your death.

Endowment Plan

Unlike Term Plan, endowment plan pays you out sum assured along with the profits in both the cases- death and survival.

Child Plans

Provides financial coverage to your child’s future needs and allows you to plan his/her future in a better way and stabilize way.

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Retirement plans

This plan assists you in securing your post retirement life financially. Choose from multiple options.

Investment plans

This plan helps you in enhancing your wealth, savings and get an insurance coverage as well.

Unit-Linked Plan

This Plan provides you both investments as well as insurance. The performance of this plan is linked with the market.

Money back Plan

This is a variant of endowment Plan. A portion of sum assured is paid out at regular intervals.


Life insurance companies in india

  • Aegon Life Insurance
  • Aviva Life Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
  • Bharti Axa Life Insurance
  • Birla Sun Life Insurance
  • Canara Hsbc Life Insurance
  • Dhfl Pramerica Life Insurance
  • Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance
  • Exide Life Insurance
  • Future General Life Insurance
  • Hdfc Standard Life Insurance
  • Icici Prudential Life Insurance
  • Idbi Federal Life Insurance
  • Indiafirst Life Insurance
  • Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Corporation Of India
  • Max Life Insurance
  • Pnb Metlife India Insurance
  • Reliance Life Insurance
  • Sahara India Life Insurance
  • Sbi Life Insurance
  • Shriram Life Insurance
  • Star Union Daiichi Life Insurance
  • Tata Aia Life Insurance


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Some Guidelines to choose  Best Life Insurance Policy

Purchase in time: It is very important to purchase the approach/policy right on time as it will escape you from the risk and will help in building a decent corpus at bring down premium rates.


Compare with others: To save money and get the best one, look at changed approaches and after that pick.


Analyse the arrangement: Analyze the different strategies and after that select the correct one as per your requirements.

What amount to purchase:  Analyze your present and future needs and this will enable you to realize that how much cover you to need to purchase.

Now we Discuss about Some life insurance companies of India

In India, Now there are total 24 organizations which give disaster protection plans or we can say life insurance plans. Out of the entire companies, the main organization which gives under the general population part is LIC of India. Whatever remains of the organizations are either the private ones or JVs among national and global protection/fund organizations and private or open area banks/money related foundations. The private extra security organizations were given the entrance to this in the year 2000. A large portion of the privately owned businesses have combined with worldwide protection players to raise their organizations. The normal claim settlement is 97 percent by the life coverage organizations.

See the table under   Some life Insurance plans

Best Life Insurance Plans in India

Life Insurance Plans Entry Age (Min/Max) Policy Term(Min/Max) Sum Assured(Min/Max)
SBI Shubh Nivesh Plan 18/60 years 5/30 years 75000/NA
SBI eShield Plan 18/70 years 5/30 years 20 Lacs/NA
HDFC Click2protect Plus 18/65 years 10/30 years 10 Lacs/10 Crores
HDFC Life Sanchay 30/45 years 15/25 years 105673/NA
HDFC SL Crest 14/55 years 10/10 years (7 or 10)x annual premium/20x annual premium
ICICI Pru iProtect 20/75 years 10/30 years 3 Lacs/NA
Kotak Life Preferred e-Term 18/70 years 10/45 years 25 Lacs/ NA
LIC Amulya Jeevan 18/60 years 5/35 years 25 Lacs/ NA
LIC New Jeevan Anand 18/50 years 15/50 years 1 Lac/NA
LIC Term Plan 18/75 years 10/35 years 50 Lacs/NA
Max Life Online Term Plan 18/70 years 10/35 years 25 Lacs/ 100 Crore
Bharti Axa Life Insurance 18/75 years 10/30 years 25 Lacs/NA
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance 18/70 years 10/30 years 20Lacs/NA
Aviva Life Insurance 18/55 years 10/35 years 25 Lacs/NA
Aegon Life Insurance 18/70 years 5/40 years 10 Lacs/NA

Difference between Term life insurance And Whole life Insurance

Premiums: Talking about the premium in the term life insurance.It is to be paid for particular period while for entire life coverage the installment is to be improved the situation whole life.

Development age: Most of the term design covers till the age of 65 to 75 years while for Whole life insurance the policyholder is secured for the whole life.

Money value: There are no trade esteems out term design though for the entire life designs money esteem is there. Ensured and Non-ensured money esteem which is called as profit esteem is given.

Strategy term: The residency of the term approach differs from five to thirty years while for the entire life design the arrangement is substantial for the lifetime.

Paid up value: If the policyholder needs to surrender the arrangement there is no paid up esteem or some other element offered by the term design though entire life coverage can be paid up following a predefined number of years.

Slip by: The term approach passes following thirty-one days of a missed premium installment. On account of entire life approach if the policyholder neglects to make installment then a money esteem is permitted to balance the premiums.



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