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How to approve google AdSense Account to earn money


Google AdSense Account Approval Trick For YouTube and Blogger

Hey-Do you want to monetize your content by google AdSense?
Do you wants to earn a lot of income through your youtube channel?

Its very simple but not easy —
let first of all i will tell you abot google AdSense

Google AdSense is the best add networks to earn money online through blogging and youtube chanel.
There are generally two ways to make money through Google AdSense account

First –YouTube Monetization (Ads on YouTube Videos on your channel)
Second-Content Monetization (Placing Google AdSense Ads on your website)

It is very hard to apporove your AdSense account. Isaw a lot of people those are continously appiled for the AdSense account and failed.And at final they left blogging.
Google approves your AdSense account request only and only when you are providing
a good quality content and your website is recieving organic traffic only through search engine. And you are not voilates google privicy policies.
Sometimes google rejects your request but they do not give the exact reasion that’s why your request rejected.It leads a lot of confusion in website owners.
Specially bloggers from india, pakistan and nearby countries suffer in this condition.
Let I tell u about the tricks through it you can approve your youtube monitization in only 1 hour.

How to Earn Money with YouTube Monetization/AdSense

you can earn money with YouTube. It is actually very simple and you can make a very good amount out of this but the important thing is that you have to be creative and consistent.
YouTube has started short video ads those videos plays in the starting and in between videos, It helps in generating your huge revenue
YOu should Try uploading interesting videos and submit videos to various sites to increase traffic & views

How to Create a Google AdSense Account with YouTube


Google AdSense account with YouTube is not hard but very few people are aware of it. So let’s check the AdSense account approval trick:
First of all you should Create a new Gmail account. you can use your old Gmail account if you have never applied for AdSense before using your old account. If your country is not eligible for AdSense account then plz select US or UK as your country in Gmail.


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Now login to new Google  gmail account and  then go to

    go to video manager and then to channel setting and then monetization                                                           



Now enable monetization for your channel, click on Enable My Account,

just like it is shown in the red box in the below pic.                              

[image credit = youtube]

The next step is to click on I Accepct                                                   

then  click on Monetize 

Now allow Google to monetize your videos for showing ads.

 [pic credit- youtube]

Now  you can upload a unique video to your YouTube channel. Most important thing is the video must be unique otherwise it should not be monetized.


Some types of youtube videos to monetize your Google AdSense account

1.Create good knowledge sharing videos
2.Live shows or funny clips
3.How to guides or explaining various methods video
4.Personal experience which can entertain you viewers
5.Music videos created by you

Note: The most important thing is that the video you are sharing should not contain any porn or any adult content. Do not share those videos which are copyrighted by other users on youtube.

These are some type of videos through using those points you can earn batter in future.

Now we are talking about the second one 

How can you approve AdSense account for a blogger or you can say for your website

You should first Login to blogger blog through this link

Create a new blog, give a proper blog name and URL.

Now go to Earnings tab and Signup for AdSense than click Submit and AdSense widget will be added to your blogger blog.

Note: you can use your old blod also.

Note: Google AdSense has recently changed their policy, now the blog should be  6 months old and also hane  good and unique content with good traffic from search engines.

How to Display Google AdSense ads on a  domain?

If your account is approve than login to AdSense account Dashboard.

Go to Account settings  than  Access and authorization  Sites authorized to show ads

you can see below in image

Here you can see that your account is enabled or not to show ads on YouTube channel and hosted websites (blogger) only.

Now click edit option and enter your valid website or blogger URL

Now create an ad unit from My ads category. Copy the ad code and now place it on your website Widgets.

if they verify your website fulfilling all policies, your request be accepted.

when your request for google AdSense is accepted than you recieve an email from google team.

How to Add a new Website to Google AdSense

Note: we will discuss about this topic in next step



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